By: Nico

People everywhere from ancient age until now always live together or live in a group, even in that group only consist of two people, like a mother with her baby. Aristotle (384-322 BC) an expert philosopher from Greece said that human is Zoon Politicon (human as a social creature), it means that human always need others to live their life. That’s why peoples make friends and keep that way with a lot of effort.

Make friends is easier than keep it. We can get friends anytime we want. Furthermore today’s technology has come up with social networking site which gives us a simplicity to get friends, for instance, Facebook, Friendster, hi5 and many more. Now we can get friends with just one single click on our mouse.

After we get many friends, we have to keep that relationship warm. Keep in touch is the first thing to do, although we only asked “how are you? Or how was your day?” because sometimes that simple question can makes our friends feel cared by us. Besides that, there are some aspects to consider, such as being honest, warm-hearted, and etc. Honesty is an important aspect in keeping a relationship. Once we put a lie to our relationship, it will not last for any longer. The other aspect is warm-hearted. How can we keep our friends stay with us, if we tend to be cold and indifferent? It’s impossible! To conclude keeping a relationship is not as easy as making friends. So keep your relationship with all of your effort. ☺