By: Nico

As adolescence, there are so many aspects that I have to develop well. One of developmental aspects is Moral Development. Adolescence itself is period of transition from childhood to adulthood. According to Hall (1904) “Adolescence is a turbulent time charged with conflict and mood swings”

I have to develop my moral well because morality for me is like a sign in term of interact with others. Morality also can keep you from acting like an animal. On the other hand, morality makes you think and act in positive way. For example, when you are in bad mood or when you have a problem, you will not lose your control and you can solve your problem well.

When I was Junior high school, some value had changed. Most of that value changed to be more positive. Well developed morality is one of my value changing causes. For instance, when I make a friendship, I always tried to be truthful and kind person. People at most will agree that they likes to have friends who honest and kind. Besides that, my morality prevents me to do such of silly things, like do cheating, coming late and etc. Now I have grown up into young adult who have high quality of moral. That’s all thanks to my parents and my teachers who taught and help me in developing my morality in order to be civilized human.