by: Nico

When I tried to find out, what are the most prominent Intelligences of mine based on Howard Gardner Theory, I was so shocked. Do you want to know why? It is because I am Logical-Mathematical person, which is very not related with my school major as an English Language student! This is weird; I mean as a Logical-Mathematical person whom worked best with number and analysis instead of being Language student whom need Verbal-Linguistic as their main Intelligence. A Verbal-Linguistic person worked best with language. They prefer to communicate with others through speaking and writing. It’s quite different, isn’t it?

How this is happen? Is there any association between mathematics and language arts? Or am I took a wrong major?

Lets find it out!

According to Gardner’s theory of intelligences, every people have their own plus and minus in their way of thinking. It is possible to someone having two or more prominent Intelligences. Besides that, Hannaford (1995) said that Intelligence is not just an inherited trait but also can be developed. So, In my case, even I am a Logical-Mathematical person; I am not bad in Verbal-Linguistic Intelligence, especially in speaking. I am very good on it. Therefore, I still can catch up with others in my language class. Even sometimes, it is challenging for me to write a paper.

So, don’t think that you are not be able to do something because you are not good at it, just accept it as a challenge! Nothing is Impossible.