by: Nico

Every semester of my school journey, I have to complete a school observation credit. This semester is quite different from last semester, because this semester I have to do a real teacher’s work. The theme of this semester is Teaching and Research Experience. Actually, I felt worried in becoming teacher assistance because this is my first time doing a teacher’s work. In the other hand, I felt so excited, because I always learn something new every day.

This semester, I was assigned by the faculty member to have an experience in 43 State Senior High School. My master teacher is Ibu Selat Purba, S.Pd. She comes from Medan. She is one of senior teacher in this school. She has been teaching since this school was “born” at 1979, but she started to teach English at 1974.

At first I was worry when I know my master teacher is really senior. I thought she will be like the other senior teacher who does not want to be followed. But what? She surprised me! She is quite different. At first meeting, she told me that all what she want is sharing. She also said to me about her weakness. She believes that even we are still young; we have much more creative ideas than she had. I cannot believe it, she acknowledge me!

When I enter Ibu Purba’s classroom, XI Science 1, 2 and 3 and then started to observe. I am really understand, why the entire student in that classroom was not engage into the learning process. According to key behavior of effective teacher, Ibu Purba does not use that behavior at all. She only use text book as her main source. She also does not integrate technology into her classroom. She still use teacher (in this case is herself) as the center of teaching and learning process. When I asked her, whether she use Lesson Plan or not, she answered that she does not use it. She has lesson plan just for administrative things. She explained that LP only made her confused. So she teaches by using habitual activity which is so boring because it is repeated all the time.

If I had to teach class where Ibu Purba teaches, I will use more varieties approaches and methods to avoid student’s boredom. Grouping, games, debate also presentation are kind of approach that I will use to teach. Actually I and Indah already teach XI Science 3, because at that moment Ibu Purba has to go to hospital for her friend’s condolence. At that time we teach with small number of preparation, but I think we already done it well. Because all students likes our games, even though, debate, one of our methods was not so effective because students still afraid to use their English as well.