by: nico

There are lots of terminologies about technology. One of it is technology is the set of tools, both hardware (physical) and software, that help us act and think better. Technology includes all the objects from pencil and paper to the latest electronic gadget. Electronic and computer technology help us share information and knowledge quickly and efficiently.

Nowadays, schools have been integrating technology into their education system. For instance is at State Senior High School in south Jakarta. This school has one language lab and one ICT lab. There are also some LCD Projector but not provided at every classes. There is also a Wi-Fi connection but still limited on some areas.

As I observed, the use of technology at this school is not maximum. For example is the use of Language laboratory. The teachers just use it only for improving students listening skill. This is not wrong, but the teacher only showed the students videos about people whom talking each other. It is not comparable if we compare the use of language lab with the price of the language lab itself.  Even if the teachers use audio-lingual method, it is still not effective because the teachers do not give drilling and practicing of grammatical exercise to the students as the main characteristic of audio-lingual method.

Another example is the use of LCD Projector. This school has five to six LCD projectors without screen. Nevertheless, unfortunately, not all the LCD is worked. Teachers use this kind of technology only for presenting the lesson (direct instruction) using power point. To use LCD Projector at this school, we need to queue in order to borrow the LCD projector from the deputy of school facilities and infrastructure. Besides that, we have to bring our own laptop because the school does not provide it to us.

If I were the teacher of this school, I will capitalize all of the technology that has been provided by the school. Firstly, I will integrate all the technology into my learning process especially in language learning. I will use technology to teach my students about listening, reading, speaking and writing as well. To teach my students all those language skill, I will maximize the use of ICT lab to get them the online media. In my opinion, through online media, we can teach them those skills with lots of variety of instruction. Therefore, the students will feel engage into the learning process because the process becomes different and interesting.

Secondly, I will invite the students to maximize the use of their cell phones. So far, they only use their cell phones only for electronic dictionary whereas some of them already use smart phones like Blackberry, Nokia Communicator, etc. I will make an outdoor activity but related to the lesson, for instance, I will ask the students to go to Mall or Tourism place, find some foreigners and get them interviewed. While they interviewed the foreigners, they can tape it by their cell phones at the same time. After that, they have to upload it into their class blog, so the others can see their work and give some feedback.  So they can integrate what they have learnt in class into their real life activities. 🙂