by : nico

In the second week of my teaching experience program, I was no longer doing a classroom observation. It was the time to extract the information from last week observation into Lesson Plan. Developing a lesson plan is not as easy as I think before. There is so many think that I have to consider. My main purpose when develop a lesson plan is to make students engage into learning process. Besides that, I have to make the learning process not only fun but also meaningful.

Thursday, November 11 was the Show Time. Indah and I taught two of three-science class. We taught them by using lesson plan that we have been develop before. The first class that I taught is XI Science 2. This class ran well as we expected before. They said that they were happy with our teaching method. The second class was XI Science 1. This class was bit different from the first one, because this class was held on the last session. So the condition of the students, physical and psychologically were on the lowest state of it. Furthermore, ten of thirty-five students were going out of class to follow training at another school. Whew, I think it cannot be worst.

When I taught them, I use three-phase technique. The first phase was a review game to break the ice and recall what they have learned in previous meeting. When I built this game, I used a collaborative instruction to make they work as a team to won this group game competition. They like doing this activity so much, because I provided a little prize for the winner. This condition showed me, that to make them interest with the learning process we have to provide an activity that they like to do besides give them an extrinsic motivation like a reward for the winner.

The second phase was the “main course” of this learning process. I used direct instruction to deliver new material instead of review some material to them. Even I had used technology such power point, whereas this approach was something different from they used to. I still cannot generate questions from them. Even more, some students in XI Science 1 were yawning while I was doing a presentation. It was really made me hurt. But at that time, I took an improvisation. In the middle of my presentation I asked the students to played clap game and it worked out! They got their concentration back.

The third phase or the last phase of this learning process is the closure. I used collaborative instruction to check their understanding about the lesson. Most of them were excited with this part, because I allowed them to worked on their own but still under my control.

Overall, this first time teaching experience gave me so much knowledge about this profession because I feel it LIVE and there is nothing can be compared with.  🙂