by: nico

Once in PETA class my lecture asked me and the entire of the class to draw a picture about the way we learn. I drew a picture that I think is the closest picture which is represent my way of learning.

This is my picture. This picture means that I learn from what I see and then I try to make the connection from my prior knowledge, common sense and my new information. Sometimes I also learn from my intuition, because I think I have sharp feeling (read: sensitive). In my picture above learning process is happen anywhere, means that learning is not only happened in classroom, but also outside the classroom.

My picture also showed the way I got the knowledge. I got it mostly from books, parents, friends, also from the environment. Even this model of learning is a Construction Model, which sees learning as Individual sense making. It does not mean that I do not need help from others. Because of this learning model concerned on construction of meaning through discussion, discovery, open-ended learning, and making connection.

The important thing of my learning model is the process. The process I get the information, the process of interpret my thought and than the process of making the conclusion.

Therefore, When you do your learning process. Just enjoy it and open to all possibilities, and then you will get more than what you expected.